Our Story

The idea of Hubalu all started when Hugo came along and I became a first time Mama. Newborn clothes were cute in grey and white, and I kept Hugo in baby grows for as long as possible but then as he started to get a little bigger I often walked around the shops looking for clothes for him muttering to myself "why aren’t you a girl?!" 😄

I found boys clothes to be lacking somewhat, often with just one section, whilst girls clothes overtake the store. I also want to keep Hugo young for as long as possible and found, especially now he has turned 2. He is constantly running around, tumbling, climbing and active so leggings are the most comfortable for him. I wanted to create something that is comfortable, stylish and affordable to most and that boys have just as good a choice as girls. 

Even more importantly though, I wanted to create a business that allows me to be a Mum and have a career. After a year of maternity leave, with the many ups and downs it brings, I went back to work and couldn’t find the balance I desperately wanted. I wanted to find something I love to do and have flexible hours. Hugo is only going to be little once, and, as I am learning, it is going by in a flash. So I decided to take a leap of faith. I hope you love Hubalu as much as I do ❤️

All Hubalu products are designed and manufactured by hand in the UK. All of our fabric is OEKO-TEX approved, meaning it is produced ethically and fairly and is kind to skin.

By supporting Hubalu you are supporting small businesses - thank you - you are supporting my dream.